Who is Babsee



Babs, the founder of Babsee, watched in amazement as her mother fumbled with two pairs of glasses as she lay so relaxed on the beach.

Why isn’t there a solution for someone with reading glasses who wants to read in the sun, Babs thought.

It seems that as we get older we increasingly have to opt for practicality and as if beautiful no longer matters.

Babs thinks that practical and beautiful go well together, so that we also age nicely.

And that’s how the Babsee sunglasses with reading part were developed.

The cooperation of developing the models and lenses came about through a good partnership with a supplier from Taiwan.

A small family business, where the lenses of the glasses are put in by Taiwanese women, who can earn extra money in this way and also take care of their children.

From 2021, Babsee will also work with a new supplier from China, they are advanced in the use of recycled materials and have the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) quality mark for this.

The brand

Babsee stands for products that are easy and beautiful at the same time, which make our daily life a bit easier and more beautiful.

Who we are

The sunglasses with reading part are the result of our mission: Babsee wants to make your life a little easier with a solution that is as useful as it is beautiful.

Why can’t practical things just be beautiful?

It seems that as we get older we have to choose between something that looks good or is just practical. Babsee believes that this can be done differently.

On off, on off, on off.

A recognizable problem for anyone who needs reading glasses.

How can we solve this for everyone in the best possible, affordable and stylish way?

And that’s how the Babsee sunglasses with reading area were born. Beautiful bifocal sunglasses with standard reading prescriptions – which you can take with you from the store.







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