Sunglasses with reading part

Babsee believes that a practical solution can also be a beautiful.


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Sunglasses with reading part

Babsee believes that a practical solution can also be a beautiful. 

For WomenFor Men

The sunglasses with reading part

As soon as we can no longer read the fine print of a book or our telephone, we know it is time for reading glasses.

That doesn’t mean we want to look years older.

Sunglasses off, reading glasses on, reading glasses off again, sunglasses on … or your reading glasses and your sunglasses on your nose at the same time.

At Babsee we believe that sunglasses can also be quite practical and that you don’t have to look old with reading glasses!

That is why we have designed sunglasses with reading part, which are not only functional, but also beautiful, cool, trendy or stylish!

Why buy prescription sunglasses?

Prescription sunglasses protect the eyes against

UV radiation and ensures good vision.


What strength do I need?

The prescription sunglasses

Many people develop farsightedness around the age of 45.

This means that you cannot see things that are close by, for example the book you are reading or the apps on your phone.
Very annoying! Time for reading glasses …

You can visit the optician to measure the strength of your reading glasses, but it is faster to do our eye test at home.

As soon as the sun’s out, you’ll find yourself fiddling with multiple pairs of glasses.

Our Babsee prescription sunglasses are available from +1.0 to +3.0.

This way you have a good view of what’s happening in front of you and your eyes are protected against the UV radiation of the sun!

Piet Petrol Blue

Tess is our latest addition, a sleek model.
With narrow flexible legs and a glossy frame.



Tess is available in:

Blossom Speckled Blue Light Brown Tortoise Brown Tortoise

Sunglasses with reading part

Gradient glasses

Flexible hinges

Recycled pouch

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