About Babsee


Babs’ mom was reading in the garden. Using her readingglasses upon her sunglasses. That looked unconformable, inefficent and clumsy. 

Babs did not want her mother to spend loads of money on prescripted sunglasses. There should be a ready to wear solution. Without paying to much theses sunglasses should be fashionable. That is when Babs came up with  bifocal sunglasses. 

Beautiful bifocal sunglasses with standard prescription to read.  – glasses that can be bought directly in the shop.

Easy to wear double focus sunglasses. Sunglasses that allow you to be able to cycle and reading the map, enjoying the people on the beach while reading your book, drinking your wine on the terrace and reading the menu, playing golf and wrting your points down.

That is how beautifull practical can be.

Babsee– easy on your eyes